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Join our team as we forge into new territory and increase access to justice.  Share the knowledge you have on a new platform when you have the time.  Add MyLawNow video conferencing on your website as a secure alternative meeting option for your current clients. Set your status to available via our app when you are able to accept consultation referrals.


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Video Conference an Attorney


We pair you with local, competent attorneys for a face-to-face video consultation via your mobile device or computer.  Don't wait for legal advice, get it on your time. With MyLawNow avoid the hassle of commuting to an attorney's office or waiting for a date to get on an attorney's calendar.  A professional video consultation can be conducted today using current technology.

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Our database of MyLawNow attorneys are on call and ready to give you the personal attention you need on your time.  We are here to give you legal solutions On-Demand.  If your current attorney is not connected, share our solution with your attorney to start communicating via our app.



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With MyLawNow you avoid the hassle of searching for competent counsel in your area then trying to schedule an appointment at a time that works with the attorney’s schedule as well as yours.   On routine consultations, the costs of traveling to an attorney’s office, parking and navigating your way through unfamiliar territory is not necessary. You can avoid the stress and use secure technology to get what you need - access to justice right now.


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MLN is the leading real time video conferenced legal consultations On Demand service that gives clients a tool that allows them to conduct face-to-face video consultations with real attorneys at any time and allows attorneys to schedule and conduct video consultations with their current clients via their mobile device. MLN provides information and software only. MLN does not provide legal advice or lawyer referral services and does not participate in any legal representation. MLN is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. Use of MLN is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.