MyLawNow FAQ

Can my attorney use MyLawNow to communicate with me virtually?

Yes.  If your current attorney does not offer video consultations let them know about our app available on the Apple App Store.

Can law firms obtain subscriptions for non-attorney staff members that communicate with clients?

Yes.  Law firms can obtain licenses for support staff members to allow them to conduct virtual face to face client interviews with clients. We understand that clients interact with a firm's support staff a lot.  MLN gives attorneys and staffers the ability to give great service to clients through our CONSULT app.

Can attorneys request a payment prior to initiating a consultation?

Yes. We do have a version of the MyLawNow app that allows a client payment prior to the initiation of a video consultation.

Do clients have to acquire the MyLawNow app?

No.  Attorneys and Law Firms must acquire the app but clients can participate in video consultations by receiving a link via text or email.